Health Care

Mary Caferro has been bringing people together to implement real healthcare reform for more than a decade. Mary believes health care is a human right. She knows Montana can do better and she has the experience to put us on the right path to affordable health care.

“In this economy, it is even more essential that Montanans have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children have access to health care.” - Mary Caferro

  • Mary Passed into law the “Children’s Health Care Act” providing access to health care for thousands of Montana’s uninsured children through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).
  • Mary has worked for years to repeal the exclusion of public employees’ children from CHIP. With the passage of the federal health care reform the exclusion was repealed and now more of Montana’s children will be healthier.
  • Mary was honored with the “National Consumer Health Care Advocate of the Year" award from Families USA in 2008.
  • Mary has been appointed by Democrats and Republicans to serve on various health care advisory councils.
  • Mary recommended, and later worked to pass a bill to allow dependents to stay on their parent’s heath insurance until the age of 25.
  • Mary has sponsored eight bills on health care and worked to pass dozens more.
  • Mary serves year-round on the legislative committee that tracks federal health care reform, to make sure Montanans receive the best health care possible.

“Mary Caferro is tenacious, creative, and just plain smart about health care. The legislature will be dealing with health care, and we need Mary Caferro in the Senate to look for opportunities and build consensus.” - Dr. Mary Anne Guggenheim

Jobs and the Economy

Mary Caferro knows small businesses are the heart of Helena and state employees are its strength. Caferro’s legislative efforts to keep jobs in Montana recognize the need to support workers in their current employment and the need for increased access to job retraining.

“When the economy recovers, it will be a new economy and we need to prepare our workers to meet the challenge.” - Mary Caferro

  • Mary was instrumental in bringing the “Transitional Jobs Program” to Montana creating hundreds of jobs. The jobs program is a win-win solution providing main street businesses with workers while not affecting their bottom line. For workers, the jobs program allows them access to job training and the wage to feed their children and keep their homes.
  • The workforce has changed dramatically while unemployment laws have not that is why Mary laid the foundation for strengthening and updating unemployment laws.
  • Mary sponsored a “Safe Days, Sick Days” bill that would have established paid sick leave for Montana workers so that no one would lose their job when they had to leave work to care for an injured child or to keep a child safe from an abusive parent.
  • Mary’s Green Jobs Training bill was the jumping off point for Montana’s new job training program which links displaced workers with the training necessary for finding jobs in the new economy. Workers will now have access to training in energy efficiency, energy conservation, renewable energy, recycling and reclamation.


The rapidly-changing, information- and technology-based workplace of the 21st century requires a well-educated, highly-skilled workforce. Without a quality public education system, Montana cannot compete.

Mary Quote: “The legislature has a constitutional obligation to adequately fund quality public education. We have often fallen short on our commitment. I will continue to stand up for our schools, teachers and students. Our kids deserve it.”

  • Mary, the “CHIP Champion,” believes healthy children make healthy students.
  • Mary helped make sure that children who are deaf and hard of hearing have equal access to education.
  • As a solution to poverty, Mary has promoted the program Parents as Scholars for over a decade, so that parents who are low income can get access to higher education.
  • Mary has been endorsed by the MEA/MFT in her past elections. Parents as scholars program

“Mary brought her passion for fairness and equity to her three terms in the Montana House and she will take that same conviction and courage into the Montana State Senate.” - Denise Juneau, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Seniors Citizens

“I believe it’s important that Montana seniors have the opportunity to live with dignity in their own homes and communities.” - Mary Caferro

  • Mary created a law establishing the Montana Health Corp to support in-home primary health care visits to Medicare and Medicaid patients by retired doctors at affordable prices. The Health Corp improves the quality of life for our seniors.
  • Mary believes all Montanans have a right to affordable, quality health care and that senior citizens should not have to choose between a meal and medication.
  • Mary supports living wages for those who care for our senior citizens and people who have a disability and increased funding for services such as Meals on Wheels and in-home care.

“I support Mary because she’s kept her promise to work for all Montanans. Senior citizens, like me, could not have a better advocate than Mary Caferro. She’ll help make health care work for Montana.” - Bill Hunt

The Environment and Sports Men and Women

Mary Caferro puts a high priority on preserving access to public lands and waterways. She believes Montana’s great outdoors must be preserved for future generations.

“We are rooted in this place. Without the open space, clean air and fresh water, we lose ourselves. It’s that simple.” - Mary Caferro

  • Mary has a 100% voting record with the Montana Conservation Voters—all three terms she’s served in the Montana House.
  • Mary brought together representatives of environmentalists, labor unions, business owners, workforce developers and low-income advocates to support a green jobs bill to provide retraining to unemployed workers in restoration, conservation and recycling.
  • Mary believes Montana should become energy independent and supports energy conservation and the development of renewable energy like wind, solar, geothermal, and biodiesel.
  • Mary serves on the board of the Northwest Energy Council and on the Grow Montana and the Growing Communities Steering Committees.
Mary Caferro
We can build an inclusive economy that works for all Montanans by investing in small business, education, and job training

Mary believes health care is a human right
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