Jobs and the Economy

Mary Caferro knows small businesses are the heart of Helena and state employees are its strength. Caferro’s legislative efforts to keep jobs in Montana recognize the need to support workers in their current employment and the need for increased access to job retraining.

“When the economy recovers, it will be a new economy and we need to prepare our workers
to meet the challenge.”
– Mary Caferro


Mary Caferro has been bringing people together to implement real healthcare reform for more than a decade. Mary believes health care is a human right. She knows Montana can do better and she has the experience to put us on the right path to affordable health care.

“In this economy, it is even more essential that Montanans have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children have access to health care.” – Mary Caferro


The rapidly-changing, information- and technology-based workplace of the 21st century requires a well-educated, highly-skilled workforce. Without a quality public education system, Montana cannot compete.

Mary Quote: “The legislature has a constitutional obligation to adequately fund quality public education. We have often fallen short on our commitment. I will continue to stand up for our schools, teachers and students. Our kids deserve it.”

The Environment and Sports Men and Women

Mary Caferro believes Montana’s great outdoors must be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations who will want to hunt, fish, hike, and float as we have. Mary will work to conserve the natural places in the Big Sky state for the inherent and traditional values they have to Montanans.

“We are rooted in this place. Without the open space, clean air and fresh water,
we lose ourselves. It’s that simple.”
– Mary Caferro

Seniors Citizens

“I believe it’s important that Montana seniors have the opportunity to live with dignity in their own homes and communities.” - Mary Caferro

Mary believes health care is a human right
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    Mary Caferro
    We can build an inclusive economy that works for all Montanans by investing in small business, education, and job training

Mary Caferro Quote:

I’ve listened for many years as your legislator and as a community organizer. Bringing people together, we’ve accomplished a lot, but there’s more to do. I’ve experienced first-hand how state policies effect Montanans. I will continue working for you in the Senate.